Balehu Protocol (BAL) a secure and scalable next generation blockchain

Token Symbol BAL
Estimated value $35
Expiry date Unknown
Published date Σεπτέμβριος 9, 2018

Token Overview

difficulty level : Medium

Balehu Protocol is a secure and scalable next generation blockchain solution empowering local commerce through decentralized applications. It is a digital currency and marketing platform that helps local merchants reach more customers, promote loyalty and generate additional revenue.

Balehu Protocol is airdropping 5000 BAL coins to their community members. Visit the airdrop page and sign up for the airdrop, complete easy tasks and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive 5000 BAL coins. Also earn 1000 BAL coins for each referral.


Token Requirement

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Balehu Protocol airdrop page.
  2. Submit your details and provide this code e92bfa0a-b418-11e8-bbfc-060a2afb214c while signing up.
  3. Join their Telegram group. (+500 BAL)
  4. Follow them on Twitter. (+500 BAL)
  5. Follow them on Facebook. (+500 BAL)
  6. Follow them on Instagram. (+500 BAL)
  7. Subscribe to their Youtube channel. (+500 BAL)
  8. Complete all the tasks above to unlock an additional 500 BAL coins.
  9. Download Balehu Marketplace App (Android/IOS). (+2000 BAL)
  10. Click on ‘My Account’ and submit your ETH wallet address.
  11. Submit your details to the airdrop page.
  12. You will receive up to 5000 BAL coins to your mobile wallet.
  13. Also earn 1000 BAL coins for each referral.



End in: Unknown

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