EverLife.ai (EVER) Be Immortal.

Token Symbol EVER
Estimated value $16
Expiry date 27 Οκτ, 2018
Published date Σεπτέμβριος 9, 2018

Token Overview

difficulty level : Medium

EverLife.ai are creating AI Avatars to solve the biggest problem from the beginning of time - Be Immortal




Token Requirement

  1. Start the Everlife Telegram Bot
  2. Pass the human verification by inputting the correct answer
  3. You are also able to link up your Twitter account and receive additional EVER tokens. Please see the Medium Post for further information on how you can set this up
  4. Submit your Stellar wallet address
  5. You can gain up to 220 EVER tokens for completion of all the above tasks. Refer others and gain an additional 5 EVER tokens.

End in: 27 Οκτ, 2018

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