Farasha ( FLB ) aiming to re-invent the way of avoiding CVDs

Token Symbol FLB
Estimated value $22
Expiry date Unknown
Published date Οκτώβριος 3, 2018

Token Overview

difficulty level : Medium

Qualified engineers, cardiologists, international coaches and experts aiming to re-invent the way of avoiding CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). We started first by designing smart medical devices before building the first Artificial intelligence dedicated to CVD. Eager to take advantage of the momentum of this new revolution that blockchain system brought into computing and technology industries, we have the certainty that an ICO ( initial coin offering) could be the first cornerstone to a model that help every one access to a cardiologist, anytime, anywhere using a secured SMD & cryptocurrency payment and get a very accurate diagnosis within minutes."





Token Requirement

"======= START =======


↘️ Chat with the telegram bot

2️⃣↘️ Join the official group 

Join the official chat 

Leave a good comment or ask a good question = 60 FLB ($6)

3️⃣↘️ Join and like the official Facebook page  Any post share 1 post = 30 FLB ($3)

4️⃣↘️ Follow the official Twitter page  Retweet 1 tweet = 30 FLB ($3)

5️⃣↘️ Suscribe to the official YouTube  Watch 1 video till the end = 30 FLB ($3)

6️⃣↘️ Wite a proof of authentication in BitcoinTalk bounty thread # Proof of authentication Telegram username : @ Bitcoin Talk username:  30 FLB ($3)

7️⃣↘️ Follow and upvote Reddit  30 FLB ($3)

8️⃣↘️ Submit your details and ethwallet adress

======= END ======="


End in: Unknown

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