Snips (AIR) a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants

Token Symbol AIR
Estimated value $32
Expiry date 7 Νοέ, 2018
Published date Σεπτέμβριος 9, 2018

Token Overview

difficulty level : Medium

Snips AIR is a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants. With this voice ecosystem you can now add a voice assistant to your entire home, while protecting your family’s privacy.



Token Requirement

  1. Sign up on the Snips Bounty Page. You will be redirected to the dashboard in which you can complete several social media tasks to gain more points. There are also some prizes for the participants who gain the most posts, ranging up to $300
  2. Join Snips on Telegram

NOTE: Joining Telegram from the dashboard is mandatory. Snips is giving away $6,000,000 worth of tokens through the bounty so we recommend all our subscribers to participate.



End in: 7 Νοέ, 2018

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